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Arizona Behavioral Care Homes provides services to individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and geographical locations. Currently we are referred from various contracted behavioral health agencies and Regional Behavioral Health Authorities (RBHAs) throughout Arizona. Our three primary referring agencies are Mercy Mericopa Integrated Care (MMIC), Health Choices Integrated Care (HCIC), and Gila River Behavioral Healthcare.

Eligibility is determined after a face-to-face assessment takes place and through mutual agreement between the referral source, the individual being referred, and Arizona Behavioral Care Homes. Upon receipt of a referral, a member of the Arizona Behavioral Care Homes’ clinical staff will conduct a face-to-face, individualized assessment of the individual.

If an individual is accepted into our program the following items are required upon admission or prior:

  • Face Sheet with correct contact information- PCP, Payee, Advocate, Parents, Guardian, etc.
  • AHCCCS Eligibility Verification- copy of card or printout
  • Physical/Nursing Assessment- must be dated within seven days of admission
  • TB Test- conducted within the last six months with negative results
  • Part D/ISP- Must have current signatures and be less than six months old
  • Part E/Comprehensive Assessment- Must have current signatures and be less than six months old
  • Current Medications/Doctors Orders/Written Prescriptions
  • Current At Risk Crises Plan- if applicable
  • Copy of Court Ordered Treatment- if applicable
  • Copy of Guardianship Documentation- if applicable
  • Copy of Probation and Parole Documentation- if applicable
  • Copy of Conditional Release Documentation- if applicable
  • Copy of Payee Documentation and Contact Information- if applicable